Meeting Topics

Laid Off Calgary meetings are typically held every Tuesday and Thursday. Check the meeting calendar and register in Eventbrite ( to secure your attendance. For more adventuresome camaraderie, sign up for a Wednesday outing with the Laid Off Calgary Walking Group.

Note: Laid Off Calgary founder Bianca Sinclair facilitates the meetings, assisted by co-facilitators as available.

Past meeting topics have included:
  • Developing:
    • Mind mapping abilities to identify your strengths, target your job search, structure your day, and prepare for interviews
    • Optimism and resilience (choosing what helps over what hinders)
    • Self-awareness of how mood influences your job search
    • Self-care and maintaining a healthy well-being when job searching
    • Self-leadership techniques
  • How to:
    • Access free or low-cost psychological support in Calgary
    • Enhance your elevator pitch and résumé
    • Network even if you’re an introvert
    • Schedule your day when job searching
    • Uncover your strengths and transferable skills
  • Understanding the:
    • Benefits of persevering
    • Importance of a social media presence
    • Power of positive thinking (the cycle of thoughts, emotions, and actions (Think, Feel, Do))
    • Role of volunteering in your work life
    • Stages of grief with job loss, including relationship impacts
    • Strategies for success (yoga, breathing, and meditation) and how to dress, look, and feel your best
    • Ways to combat isolation during your job search